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This document includes the conditions of use of the website and the services of Moises Goiz Online. It will also be necessary to read our Privacy Policies, where we detail our information management practices. Within the boxes is a brief explanation of the Terms of Use, which in no way represent a legal contract.

General rules

The User must be of legal age or a legal representative of a duly constituted legal entity, and may not use the Portal in order to transmit, distribute, edit, store, modify, adapt or in any way transform the material provided therein: (i) in a way that infringes national, supranational or international regulations on copyright, industrial property, trade secrets or any other intellectual property right of third parties or in a way that violates the privacy, publicity, personal or very personal rights of third parties ; (ii) in such a way that it is harmful, defamatory, obscene, threatening or abusive to the rights of third parties, both natural and legal persons or any other associative form.

Security rules de seguridad

The User may not violate or attempt to violate the security of the Portal. In particular, it is disabled for, including, without limitation: (i) accessing information that is not directed or authorized to said User or accessing servers or accounts that are not authorized to access; (ii) test or attempt to test the vulnerability of any of the systems or networks through which the Portal operates, without the proper authorization of Moisés Goiz®; This limitation includes violating or attempting to violate the security or authentication measures provided by Moisés Goiz®; (iii) try to interfere with the services provided to third parties, servers or networks, including but not limited to sending viruses using the Portal as an instrument; (iv) send unsolicited emails, including promotions and/or advertising of products or services. The User must repair the damages and assume the other consequences of the criminal order and of any kind, if it were to occur, for the execution of their own acts or those of third parties under their direction, where the security of any system or network associated with the violation of the portal by the user. Moisés Goiz® may initiate traces, investigations and any other form of inquiry about the people and instruments used to violate the security provided in the Portal. In any event, Moisés Goiz® may initiate complaints and/or lawsuits seeking to proscribe said actions, as well as compensation for the corresponding damages caused to Moisés Goiz® or third parties.

By entering the portal, the User declares and knows that he is accepting these terms and conditions, therefore, if he does not accept them or disagrees with them, he must refrain from using the Portal and the services provided through it. same.

The Course Management reserves the right to modify these terms at its discretion, your participation in the course implies that you accept these changes as well.

The courses

  1. By signing up for a class, whether a free or paid class, Moisés Goiz® gives you a license to view the class through the platform and services of Moisés Goiz®, who is the licensor of record. You are licensed to access the classes, but we are not selling them to you. This license does not give you any rights to resell the class in any way (including sharing your account information with a buyer or illegally downloading the class and sharing it on torrenting sites).

    In fuller legal terms, Moisés Goiz® grants you (as a student) a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and view the classes and associated content for which you have paid all required fees, solely for personal, non-commercial purposes. and educational through the Services, in accordance with these Terms and with any conditions or restrictions associated with a particular class or feature of our Services. All other uses are expressly prohibited. You may not reproduce, redistribute, transmit, assign, sell, retransmit, rent, share, loan, modify, adapt, edit or create derivative works of, sublet, transfer or use any kind unless we give you explicit permission to do so in an agreement writing signed by an authorized representative of Moisés Goiz®. This also applies to content that you can access through any of our APIs.

  2. Access. The user accesses the courses through a username and a personal password.

    In case of online payment by credit card, the user can access the courses immediately after the completion of the enrollment process. In case of payment by bank transfer or cash deposit, Moises Goiz Online informs the user by e-mail once the transaction is confirmed and access enabled.

  3. Methodology. The virtual courses of Moisés Goiz® are self-managed by the User; that is to say, there is no instructor directing the class, therefore, the User can take the classes at any time during the validity of the course. The courses are structured by two or more learning modules and each module is divided into topics, which may be composed of, but not limited to, audiovisual content, surveys, exams, among other training tools; according to what is required for each course.

    Users may load or upload content to the Virtual Education Portal, for which they undertake not to infringe intellectual property rights or third party image rights. Moisés Goiz® reserves the right to eliminate, at its sole discretion, User content that does not comply with these conditions and/or does not respect the intellectual property rights of the content uploaded by Users.

    When the User publishes content related to comments, questions or reviews of the courses, he expressly authorizes Moisés Goiz® to use and share this content with third parties, as well as distribute and promote it on any platform or media, and modify or edit it accordingly. manner that it deems convenient for the promotion of its courses without this generating any compensation for the User.

  4. All the courses offered will remain available only on the established date.

Personal information

Privacy. This Portal treats the personal data of users with absolute confidentiality.

Data modification. The user is responsible for keeping their personal data updated. In case of change of e-mail address, forgotten password, etc. during the validity of the registration the user must communicate via email to [email protected]

Intellectual property of Moisés Goiz®

The brands, logo, sample codes, computer programs and other content of Moisés Goiz® included in the Services are protected by intellectual property rights. Access to the Site does not grant you rights to these materials. It is prohibited to use the content of our Site unless permission is requested from the owner or permitted by law. It is also prohibited to use the brands and logos of Moisés Goiz® and Códica® included in the Services without our consent; in addition to removing, obscuring or altering the text or notices included in the Moisés Goiz® Materials, since it is prohibited to use them to build any database.

All the content of the courses, classes and conferences, including text, graphics, presentations, logos, icons, images, audio and video clips and digital downloads are the intellectual property of the author of the material and/or the Course Management. The delivery of the course material does not imply a transfer of copyright but its making available for learning.

The material may not be copied, reproduced, translated, modified, uploaded to social networks or websites, or distributed by any means without the written permission of the author.


This Portal reserves the right to disable access to users who do not respect the aforementioned terms.

The exposed terms of use are valid for individuals/companies that take an online course on our platform.

Limitation of Liability

Moisés Goiz® excludes any responsibility for damages of any kind that may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of the Portal's operation, to the defrauding of the utility that the Users may have attributed to the Portal and the services, to the fallibility of the Portal, and in particular, although not exclusively, failures in accessing the different sections of the Portal. Moisés Goiz® does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the Portal's operation at all times. When it is reasonably possible, Moisés Goiz® will warn in advance of the interruptions foreseen in the operation of the Portal.